Now is the Time to Upgrade that Aging Pool

Updating your pool requires time and experts. If you want everything to go well with your pool makeover, ensure you do it when the kids are back at school. The best time to do a makeover is when the temperature drops because there will not be as much activity in the swimming pool. If you are planning your pool makeover, there are many benefits when considering pool services in Westlake Village. Some of the major changes to make your pool attractive again are as follows:

Replacing Tile

If you want to make your pool fresh again, consider replacing the tile. The tile is the most visible aspect of any pool area. By replacing the old tile with new tile, you will improve the appearance of your pool and give it a whole new feel. Also, consider changing the style of the tiles to make a drastic yet stylish change. A good pattern and color will leave your pool in perfect appearance.


One of the things you must consider when upgrading that aging pool is re-plastering the interior. If the plaster of the pool is worn out, it is important to consider re-plastering it to update the appearance. There is often wear and tear that can go unnoticed and may create larger problems later on. If the material is old and not attractive, it is time to consider upgrading with another material.

Adding water features

To ensure your pool does not look dull or outdated add new features. Adding a water feature to your pool will make it attractive. Some of the features that you may consider are waterfalls and faux giving your pool a natural look, or you may also want to consider including sculptures and water-spouting.

Coping change

There is material on the edge around the pool called coping. Replacing the coping when loose or cracked improves the structure of the pool and makes it attractive again. There are various natural stones that you may consider using.

Introduction of Mosaics

They are prefabricated additions that are simple, but look stylish. It is important to consider it if plastering is on your remodeling agenda.

Gold Coast has the best pool services in Westlake Village, you can be sure to upgrade your pool and have it the way you have always wanted. Every member of your family will feel enjoy swimming in your newly remodeled pool.

The Basics of Pool Maintenance

When it’s hot out, the appeal of having a nice swimming pool becomes crystal clear. The challenge becomes maintaining them so they last a long time.

If you want to keep the pool clean and healthy to swim in, it’s important that you provide it with enough maintenance to ensure it lasts.  If you want to improve the quality of the feature, a few important basics of pool maintenance can go a long way.

pool maintenance westlake village

Overview of Pool Maintenance

There are several steps required to perform pool maintenance to ensure that the water continues to stay clear. You’ll need to brush down the surface of the pool to remove algae and mold that has formed. Surface skimming and bottom debris removal are also necessary.

Many people also don’t realize the importance of cleaning and inspecting the pool equipment regularly to ensure that everything functions properly. Checking the chemicals in the water and shocking it regularly is also essential, especially when the pool is used frequently during the warmer months of the year.

Tools Needed to Perform Basic Pool Maintenance

Multiple tools are needed to perform pool maintenance to keep the water clean, remove debris, and prevent the water from becoming too acidic or alkaline.

A telescoping pole is necessary for skimming the water to clear out leaves and twigs that accumulate. Vacuum heads should also be purchased to properly remove dirt and grime that forms. Vacuum heads are used with hoses to prevent clogging that can occur over time.

Other important tools to purchase include vac plates, skimmer nets, leaf traps, pool brushes, skimmer weirs, a pool scrubbing mit, a stain master, and a pumice stone.

Hire a Professional

Although you may have the necessary tools and supplies to maintain your pool, you can provide a higher level of care by hiring a professional. An expert will use high-end equipment that can have more accuracy with measuring the pH balance and will know how to correct issues that are present before they escalate.

They’ll also provide you with tips and advice on how to perform better pool maintenance in each season and common mistakes to avoid.

Keep your water looking beautiful and healthy with the right maintenance that is performed on a regular basis. If you want to increase the quality of the feature, use Gold Coast Pool & Spa maintenance services to create a sparkling pool.

Tips on Choosing a Pool Upgrade in Westlake Village, CA

If your pool shows signs of aging, pool remodeling, renovation, or restoration services can give it a fresh, new, and impressive look. A pool upgrade transforms your pool into a modern, exciting, and fashionable swimming area. Pool remodeling in Westlake Village serves many purposes.

pool remodeling westlake village

Luxury Entertainment Spa and Cozy Swimming Pool Corner

As a fun and entertainment area, your pool needs to be a cozy spot, possibly with a bar and comfortable seating to allow for joyful relaxation. For pool upgrades we can install a luxury corner to the pool. Our pool remodeling company will resurface the fading walls, install select picturesque tiles, bubblers or scuppers, and finish the decorations with stain-resistant paint.

Enhance Fun during Swimming Sessions

Pool repairs and water pump replacements, as well as the installation of new heaters, filters, and cleaners, provides a refurbished pool that increases the fun in every swimming session. The pool upgrade can include an automated cleaning system and the following impressive features:

  • Raised water spots.
  • Water fountains and waterfalls.
  • Cultured stone veneers.
  • Color-changing LED lights.
  • Sun shelves.
  • Automated mineral cartridges for chlorine reduction.

Personalized Swimming Pool Designs

Many factors can compel you to seek pool remodeling, Westlake Village homeowners sometimes seek pool upgrades after discovering leaks. However, many people feel inspired by the possibility of personalized swimming pool designs with custom lighting, shape, and size.

Swimming Pool Remodeling After Equipment Failure

When your pool tiles chip away, the equipment fails, the plaster degrades, or the deck suffers wear and tear, you need to consider a pool upgrade. The uplift project should touch both the practical and cosmetic issues below.

  • Run down pool liner and decking.
  • Upgrading or replacing old-fashioned pumps, filters, or plumbing.
  • The homeowners feeling that the pool is boring

Pool Renovation Projects

When needing pool remodeling, Westlake Village real estate property owners can benefit from these high-quality services.

  • Pool resurfacing in epoxy, fiberglass, or plaster versions.
  • Automating pool or spa
  • Energy-efficient solar heating installation.
  • Pool tune-up.
  • Cleaning, coloring, or sealing the concrete decking
  • Upgrading the pool sweeps.
  • Electric, plumbing, or gas repairs.

Considering a pool plaster resurfacing, an automated pool covering, diving board, water slide, changing the pool depth, tanning ledges, or any other pool upgrade in Thousand Oaks, CA? Call our swimming pool remodeling experts now.

How to Avoid Constantly Paying for Minor Pool Repairs

Regardless of what the warranty time period on a pool is, the upkeep of the pool can quickly lower that number. Whether it’s chipped or fading tiles, equipment fails, wear and tear on pool decks, over-chlorination, or outdated plumbing, these minor pool repairs will add up.

Similar to auto repairs, there’s a point at which it’s not worth it to keep paying for repairs. It may be more economical to pay for a complete swimming pool remodeling and/or upgrade than to invest in consistently paying for individual pool repairs.

During the winter months when the pool may get less use, recommended fixes include:

  • Adding a pool cover: Whether mesh or vinyl covers, both help avoid potential accidents from unwanted entry (ex. dogs or kids falling in), as well as protect against high temperatures.
  • Coping replacement: Foot traffic and high visibility makes this repair significant.
  • Deck resurfacing: Avoid potential slips, improve weather-related damage.
  • Plaster resurfacing: While painting is a temporary fix, plastering or fiberglass is a more durable solution.
  • Pool depth: Whether for safety purposes or fitness reasons, determine whether having a shallow pool or a continuous drop is necessary for everyday use.
  • Pool perks: Attached spas, swim-up bars and/or tanning ledges may add value to the home. If the pool is used for vacation rentals or party hosting, this could tremendously improve networking and profit, too.
  • Removing diving board or water slide: Similar to the pool cover, evaluate whether these add-ons lead to accidents. If not regularly used, getting rid of them may be better than maintaining them.
  • Sanitation repairs: Examine and repair any faulty operating pool filtration and recirculation systems.

Each house has its own unique needs for pool maintenance. Even in California, the winter months with less activity are also the most reasonable time to make sure the repairs are completed successfully and enough time in case touch-ups need to be made.

Wintertime is Pool Remodeling Time in Westlake Village

Fun in the sun and spending summer days in the water can take its toll on older pools. Use the start of the colder season to upgrade now!

Whether you need a few small fix-ups or complete pool remodeling, Westlake Village residents will be impressed.

Get Your Westlake Village Pool Into Seasonal Shape

Older pool systems, such as the pump or filter, need to be overhauled to be brought up to current industry standards. If your filtration system is not working properly, you could face much more damage ignoring the problem rather than fixing it right away. Another common cause for malfunctions is old plumbing, including leaks or previous low-quality work.

Check out the structure of your pool after the summer is over as well. If the liner or decking needs replacement, it’s imperative you do it before using it again at your first seasonal pool party.

Upgrade Your Pool and Become a Summertime Hero in Westlake Village

Even if your pool is in great shape, consider upgrading it to impress your family and party guests. Add water features such as waterfalls, bubblers, or scuppers to create the right ambiance for any outdoor celebration.

Add a diving board or water slide for family fun, or remove and replace it with tanning ledges or swim-up bars for adult summer activities. Change the depth of the pool to make it more shallow for lap swimming or deeper for pool games. Attach a spa to create the ultimate backyard oasis or convert to a salt water system to save money on chemicals.

Don’t be sad summer is over. Find out more about pool remodeling in Westlake Village while you wait for next summer! It’ll give you more to look forward to when the sun shines bright again.

Pool Maintenance is Not Easy, We Just Make It Look Easy!

Owning a swimming pool is no small responsibility. If you don’t take care of it, it can become an unusable eyesore in your yard. And the longer you wait to get it back into presentable shape, the harder it becomes.

We make it look easy. But this is exactly what we do. We are experts.

Don’t drop off maintaining your pool just because the summer is over. Hire us to do it for you!

From maintenance to repair to new equipment installation, Gold Coast Pool & Spa is your Westlake Village resource for pool services.

Leak Detection

Leak detection is a crucial service many homeowners ignore. If leaks go unfixed, they can become a big problem for more than just your pool’s water line. Bad leaks can slowly flood your whole yard and even get into your home. Let us do a complete check to ensure your pool has no leaks.

Pool Repair

If your pool does have a leak, or if you need to repair a small section of the pool, we can do that for you. Our repair services cover any type of pool, and any type of small sectional issue. Cracks, leaks, chips, you name it, we can help.

Pool Equipment Installation

We are trained experts in the installation of any major brand of equipment product, old or new, so if you’ve got something you can’t make work on your own, call us and we’ll be down there in a jiffy! We offer full installation as well as maintenance.

Pool Cleaning and Calcium Removal

We do much more than skim the surface to remove leaves — we can purify the water, clear the filters, and even offer calcium removal to help take care of pool tiles and other affected areas. (Sometimes tiles need replacing, but sometimes they just need to be cleaned.) Call us, we are experts in calcium removal!

We offer these and many other pool services in Westlake Village and beyond. Give us a ring to see what we can do for your pool!

CALL TODAY: 818-857-0508

Get Expert Pool Cleaning Every Week From Reliable Pros

Your pool is no joke. It’s a lot of water to keep clean. Leaves can fall in there (especially now that it’s autumn!), the pH balance needs to be maintained, and the walls need to be cleared of debris and grime…and there’s a lot of surface to cover!

If it sounds like a lot of work, it’s because it is. Pool cleaning is a pretty big task to do every single week, and if you’re tired from working all day, who’s going to do it?

Don’t hire your neighbor’s kid. Don’t hire some joker you found on Craigslist. Hire a professional company who’ll do the job right, every time, on time.

There’s a simple solution: contact Gold Coast Pool and Spa. We are reliable pool cleaners in Westlake Village with decades of experience in not just cleaning pools, but routinely cleaning pools up to the very best they can be. We service the San Fernando Valley, the Conejo Valley and the Simi Valley.

Our pool cleaning staff is ready to set a regular schedule and adhere to it. We’ll clean the pool thoroughly every single time, without skimping on any step of the process. We are also available to help maintain and repair equipment or any other pool service you might need (all the way up to remodeling and upgrades).

We understand the pain caused by flaky freelancers or teenagers who always have something better to do. You may even easily forgive the first time it happens, but it doesn’t take long for algae to build up along with your frustration.

We won’t let you down like that. We’re a professional company with a long track record of customer satisfaction and reliability.

If you’re ready to hire a professional service, give us a call at 818-857-0508 for pool cleaning in Westlake Village or nearby areas!

7 Simple Steps to a Sparkling Pool

Have you ever wanted to go swimming only to realize the pool needed cleaning before you could use it? Here is a simple routine of 7 easy things your family pool cleaners in Westlake Village can do to ensure their pool is ready for fun when they are.

  1. Skim Debris and Empty Filter Baskets

Skimming leaves, grass, and similar debris before it has the opportunity to sink to the bottom of your pool is one of the simplest ways to keep your pool clean. Don’t forget to shake out and spray the filter basket to dislodge stuck particles.

  1. Brush Walls and Vacuum the Pool Floor

Regular brushing removes ingrained dirt and prevents algae stains from building up on the walls. Follow this up with a thorough vacuuming of the pool floor. This step catches debris before it mats up on the bottom or can clog the filter.

  1. Clean the Pool Filter

While a dirty filter is proof your system is working, eventually it results in cloudy water and sluggish circulation. To prevent damaging the pump, clean the filter whenever the pressure goes up and at the beginning and end of the swimming season.

  1. Maintain an Adequate Water Level

Not only does excessive evaporation make your pool look untidy, it makes it difficult for you to keep the chemical levels properly balanced. To avoid the risk of damage to your filter system, top off the pool to the recommended water level.

  1. Monitor pH Levels

A slightly alkaline pH level (between 7.2 – 7.6) is optimum for swimming comfort. Too high and you risk skin rashes. Too low and it can sting your eyes.

This imbalance also damages pool walls and affects the sanitation level. Always check your pH levels weekly and after a heavy rain.

  1. Shock Treat Your Pool

Skilled pool cleaners know it’s not always enough to manually remove contaminants. When you need to go the extra mile, shock treating your pool with an extra boost of chlorine kills existing algae and restores green pool water to its original pristine condition.

  1. Use Your Pool!

One of the best incentives to maintaining your pool is regular use. A sparkling clean pool is inviting to your family and your guests. The more you use it, the easier it’ll be to keep it clean!

If you’re lacking time to maintain your own pool, Gold Coast Pool & Spa’s professional pool cleaners for Westlake Village will gladly do it for you.

Westlake Village Pool Maintenance Made Easy

Everyone wants to stay cool in the heat of summer, and a swimming pool is the perfect answer to beating the heat. Pool maintenance, however, is another story, and it’s one that many homeowners would prefer to avoid.

Most people would prefer to swim at their most careless of whims, in a care-free, maintenance-free pool. Luckily, the dream of worry-free swimming is not farfetched. The convenience and affordability of pool maintenance in Westlake Village makes it possible for homeowners to have the pool they want without the worry of keeping up with its regular maintenance.

As the saying goes, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” This is what happens, though, when homeowners take on the task of maintaining their own pools. Delaying regular pool maintenance can lead to several maintenance issues that require even more work to correct.

Problems to avoid include algae buildup, clogged filters, imbalanced water pH, alkalinity, and chlorine or salt, and filter maintenance.

Pool maintenance is important, but who’s got time for it? And who wants to work on trying to fix their pool in this heat when they could be swimming in it?

Homeowners may not realize beforehand just how much work it takes to have and upkeep a pool. There is a lot of know-how and patience that goes into pool maintenance, but with busy schedules and other responsibilities, even the committed homeowner can get overwhelmed. And when it gets to be too much to handle, the pool may be neglected and the investment then becomes a burden.

The answer to these problems is simply, “Give us a call.” Gold Coast Pool and Spa will come out to your residence and take care of it for you so your pool is a source of relaxation, not frustration.

Our Maintenance Services Include:

  • Checking and balancing the pool chemicals and shocking the pool if necessary
  • Surface skimming and bottom debris removal
  • Cleaning the skimmer baskets
  • Brushing down all pool surfaces
  • Backwashing, if necessary
  • Cleaning the pool deck of leaves and other debris
  • Cleaning and inspecting the pool equipment

Don’t put it off until tomorrow — call today! We offer pool maintenance in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, and all over the San Fernando Valley.


Pentair Rebel pool cleaners westlake village

Pool Cleaners Comparison

Essentially, any type of pool cleaner will serve the same basic function, but which one is right for your pool?

There are several types of pool cleaners, including suction-side pool cleaners, pressure-side pool cleaners, and robotic pool cleaners, and it can be difficult to know which type of pool cleaner to choose.

Here is a Pool Cleaners Comparison, which we hope helps you make the right decision.

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