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How To Clear Up My Cloudy Pool Water?

Cloudy pool water is one of the top 3 Common Swimming Pool Problems pool owners have to deal with. Cloudy pool water is different from green pool water. If you’re water is green, you should read our article on how to get rid of algae in my pool. Green pool water requires a different treatment.

Cloudy pool water is caused by any number of reasons, including:

  • Your chemicals are off;
  • Your water is dirty; or
  • Your pool filter isn’t working right.

While the above three reasons are the most common, cloudy water isn’t always caused by the same thing. Therefore, you need to figure out the cause before you can start to clear up your cloudy pool water.

The first step to clearing up your cloudy pool water is to figure out the cause. The quickest way to do this is to measure the following chemical levels in your pool: combined chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. More often than not, problems with the pH and calcium hardness are the reason your pool water is cloudy. If the chemical levels in your pool are off, then adjust them as needed and retest in 12-24 hours.

If your test shows that the chemical levels are within the recommended range, then your cloudy pool water is likely caused by free floating debris. To get rid of the debris floating in your pool water, you want to first manually clean your pool water. Skim the surface and vacuum the floor, so your filter can get to work faster. Next, clean out your pool’s filter, and turn it on for 24 to 48 hours. This will ensure that the filter has had a chance to remove all particles suspended in your water.

If your pool water is still cloudy, check to make sure that your filter is working properly. Consult with the owner’s manual, or with a San Fernando Valley pool maintenance company like Gold Coast Pools. If your filter isn’t working right, you’re water won’t stay clear no matter how many chemicals you add.

Assuming your filter is working and your pool water is still cloudy, you’ll want to add a clarifying pool chemical to the water. After adding the clarifying chemical, let your filter run for at least 24 hours. Repeat if needed.

Finally, if a simple clarifying chemical doesn’t work, your last resort is to Floc your pool. Floc is a chemical that settles all the debris suspended in your water on the pool’s floor. Once the Floc has settled, you need to thoroughly vacuum your pool. Be warned: vacuuming after a Flocing your pool takes a lot of time.

If you’re having trouble with cloudy pool water, consult with a qualified San Fernando Valley pool maintenance company like Gold Coast Pool & Spa. The experts at Gold Coast Pool & Spa will be able to quickly diagnose the cause of your cloudy water, treat it, and help make sure your pool water stays clear.

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