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Pool Filter Repair

If you’ve ever had a leaking or broken pool filter, you know what a problem it can be to get fixed. A leaking sand or diatomaceous earth pool filter can also leak sand or dirt into your pool and cause your pool to become dirty, green, and just plain unattractive and unsafe to swim in.

Here are a few things to watch out for with your pool filter, if you are experiencing any of these conditions with your pool, then you may need our pool filter repair services.

  1. You have a reduced flow of water on the pool filter – a reduced flow of water through your pool filter could be an indication that the filter needs to be cleaned. As dirt builds up on the filter, the pressure within the tank rises, which ultimately leads to a reduced flow of water through the filter. If you have a sand or diatomaceous earth pool filter, then a backwashing should take care of the problem. For a cartridge filter, cleaning the elements of the filter should do the trick.
  2. You have inadequate pool filtering action – In the worst case scenario, if you are experiencing inadequate pool filtering action, then you may have calcification of your filter. If this is the case, then the filter needs to be cleaned and/or backwashed, and may just need to be replaced.
  3. You have sand or DE entering the pool – If you have sand or DE entering the pool and causing a clouding effect, the backwash valve may be in the incorrect position. If the answer doesn’t lie with the backwash valve position, then there may be a problem elsewhere inside the tank.

Other common pool filter problems include low flow rates in the filtration system, air pressure build-up inside the pool filter, and a short cycle between backwashes. For each of these issues, a pool filter repair service may be needed.

If you don’t have the time or desire to repair a pool filter yourself, then call Gold Coast Pools. Mike and all his staff would love to make your life easier for you and restore your pool to beauty. We offer full-service repairs for all pool parts, including filter repair, pool pump repair and swimming pool heater repair.

With our over 40 years of combined experience in the pool industry, our friendly team of pool professionals has the know-how to get your pool back in shape.

Contact Gold Coast Pool and Spa today, or call us at 818-857-0508 and let us make your life easier by repairing your pool filter.