Agoura Hills Pool Service


Gold Coast Pool and Spa provides high quality pool cleaning services for residents of Agoura Hills, CA and the surrounding areas. We strive to ensure they have clean and safe pools where the family and guests can enjoy swimming in comfort. If you are a resident of Agoura Hills and need pool cleaning services, maintenance, or other repairs; Talk to us today! We offer top notch services at affordable prices.


Pool & Spa Services

At Gold Coast Pool and Spa, we make it our mission to ensure every pool we service continues to run in top shape for years to come. We are a full service pool & spa company that can handle every aspect of pool upkeep from routine maintenance to remodeling or installation of upgrades.


Pool & Spa Maintenance

We are proud to say that our handpicked maintenance team is ready to provide high quality cleaning and maintenance services for residents of Agoura Hills. If you need regular cleaning or equipment upkeep preformed, Gold Coast Pool and Spa can help. Our weekly maintenance services include:

• Checking and balancing the pool chemicals
• Surface skimming and bottom debris removal
• Cleaning the skimmer baskets
• Brushing down all pool surfaces
• Filter cleanings
• Cleaning and inspecting the salt water pool equipment


If you find yourself in need of pool upkeep services, contact us for more details on our maintenance plans.


Swimming Pool Repair

Gold Coast Pool and Spa always uses the best parts and tools available to make repairs to pools and spas. We believe that all repair work should be done correctly the first time and in a way that will keep your pool running smoothly for years to come.

We are able to repair and replace all major brands of pool equipment. If you have something wrong with your pool, we can fix it. Some of our most common repairs include:

• Pumps
• Motors
• Heaters
• Filters
• Pool Cleaners

• Automation Systems and Salt water systems


You can be confident in our ability to get the job done right the first time due to our years of experience and factory training from many of the major equipment brands.


Remodeling & Upgrades

In addition to our pool maintenance and repair services, Gold Coast Pool & Spa offers remodeling and upgrade services to re-invigorate the look and feel of aging pools. As pools get older, wear and tear become more visible and the equipment used to maintain it becomes outdated.

Pool materials can start to wear down over time, outdated pump and filter systems and degrade in effectiveness, and the overall aesthetic value of the pool can diminish or need a new look.

Some of our common upgrades and installations include:

• Coping Replacement
• Plaster resurfacing
• Conversion to salt water systems
• Pebble tech resurfacing
• Full equipment installations

If you want to bring your pool up to current standards or want to make an informed decision on equipment upgrades, we can help! Contact us today and we will be able to give you recommendations as well as base quotes on standard installations over the phone.


Give our qualified team of experts a call at:

Conejo, Simi, & San Fernando Valley: 818.857.0508

or send us a message using our online form.