Calabasas Pool Service


A professional touch keeps your pool running longer and more effectively. At Gold Coast Pool and Spa we help homeowners in Calabasas and Hidden Hills with their pool service needs.

Our team of highly trained and certified experts offer quality service at affordable prices for all your pool needs, from weekly maintenance and upkeep to full blown remodeling.


Pool & Spa Services

Gold Coast Pool and Spa is a full service pool maintenance and repair company and keeping your pool and spa running smoothly is our mission. We offer weekly cleaning and upkeep services, full re-modeling of the pool, installation of new equipment, and equipment repair. You can be confident that our trained professionals will treat your pool with the attention and care it needs.


Maintenance & Upkeep

If you need weekly cleaning or upkeep for your pool in the Calabasas or Hidden Hills area, we can help! Gold Coast Pool and Spa provides top notch cleaning services by staff handpicked for their reliability, dependability, and knowledge to get the job done right.

Our weekly maintenance services include:

• Checking and balancing the pool chemicals and shocking the pool if necessary
• Surface skimming and bottom debris removal
• Cleaning the skimmer baskets
• Brushing down all pool surfaces
• Filter cleanings
• Cleaning and inspecting the pool equipment

Contact us to learn more about our weekly upkeep and maintenance plans so we can discuss what is right for you.


Equipment Repair

Pool equipment can occasionally need minor or major repairs to be kept in working order. Quality is key to us at Gold Coast Pool & Spa so all repair work is done by our experts using only the best parts and tools available on the market. Our goal is to provide you with a lasting fix for any issue you are experiencing with your pool system so it will run for years to come. If there’s something wrong with your pool, you can have confidence we can identify and fix the issue.

Some of our most common repairs include:

• Pumps
• Motors
• Heaters
• Filters
• Pool Cleaners
• Automation Systems


Remodeling & Upgrades

Replacing outdated equipment that is running inefficiently and modernizing pumps, filters, and other systems becomes necessary after years of use. As equipment ages it tends to wear down and break more often, operating inefficiently. Keeping your pool equipment up to date is the best way to keep your pool running smoothly.

The aesthetic value of the pool also degrades over time as tiles and other surfaces become worn down or cracked. Gold Coast Pool & Spa has years of experience revamping and renovating your pool to give it that like new feeling again.

Common upgrades and installations include:

• Coping Replacement
• Plaster resurfacing
• Conversion to salt water systems
• Pebble tech resurfacing
• Full equipment installations

Gold Coast Pool & Spa serves Calabasas, Hidden Hills,and the surrounding areas, so contact us to discuss your upgrade, repair, or maintenance options with an expert in the field.

Give our qualified team of experts a call at:

Conejo, Simi, & San Fernando Valley: 818.857.0508

or send us a message using our online form.