Sherman Oaks Pool Service


Leave your pool’s maintenance and service to the professionals! Here at Gold Coast Pool & Spa, we specialize in helping homeowners in Sherman Oaks and surrounding areas with the upkeep, maintenance, and repair work they need to keep their pools running in excellent shape.

We take pride in the quality of all our work and our handpicked team with experience from the factories of major pool equipment brands.


Pool & Spa Services

Gold Coast Pool & Spa can handle anything from routine maintenance services to full blown remodeling and equipment replacement. It is helpful to have that professional touch to can keep everything running smoothly and identify and fix potential issues before they come up. Staying on top of your pool maintenance and upgrade options can significantly increase the lifespan of a pool.


Maintenance & Upkeep

Gold Coast Pool and Spa takes immense pride in the quality of our pool upkeep and maintenance services for residents of Sherman Oaks. Our maintenance teams keep your pool sparkling like new through our reliability and can-do attitude.

Our weekly maintenance services include:

• Checking and balancing the pool chemicals and shocking the pool if necessary
• Surface skimming and bottom debris removal
• Cleaning the skimmer baskets
• Brushing down all pool surfaces
• Filter cleanings
• Cleaning and inspecting the pool equipment
If you like in the Sherman Oaks area and need regular pool upkeep services, contact us to go over our available maintenance plans.


Pool & Spa Repair

If there is something wrong with your pool system, we can diagnose and fix the issue. Gold Coast Pool & Spa only uses the best tools and parts available to make your repairs. You can trust in our ability to get the job done right due to our factory training from major pool equipment brands.
A few repairs we specialize in are:
• Pumps
• Motors
• Heaters
• Filters
• Pool Cleaners
• Automation Systems


Remodeling & Pool Upgrades
Tiling and other pool structures can wear down or become cracked as your pool ages and it is important to prevent that decay with a revamp of the pool area. Equipment may degrade over time, but don’t let your pool become run down! Regular upgrades to your pool equipment make the pool run better, saving you money in the long run.
If your pool is getting older or it is time for a fresh look, we can make it look like new again and improve upon the aesthetic appeal.
Our most requested remodeling and upgrade requests include:
• Coping Replacement
• Plaster resurfacing
• Conversion to salt water systems
• Pebble tech resurfacing
• Full equipment installations

Keeping your pool system on par with current standards and making informed decisions on equipment upgrades is one of the best ways to ensure your pool runs smoothly well into the future. If you would like recommendations or base quotes on standard installations, please contact us to set up a consultation!

Give our qualified team of experts a call at:

Conejo, Simi, & San Fernando Valley: 818 857.0508

or send us a message using our online form.