West Hills Pool Service

Leave your pool’s maintenance and service to the professionals! Gold Coast Pool & Spa specializes in the upkeep, maintenance, and repair work pools and spas need to keep them running smoothly. Our team in the West Hills and Bell Canyon area has the knowledge, reliability, and training needed to provide top-notch service and quality work at affordable prices.


Pool & Spa Services

It is imperative to ensure your pool and spa is kept clean and equipment is maintained to prolong the life of your pool. Here at Gold Coast Pool & Spa, we can tackle any challenge thrown at us, from routine maintenance services to a full remodel or equipment replacement. It is always helpful to have that professional touch involved to keep everything running smoothly and handle any issues that arise.


Maintenance & Upkeep

Gold Coast Pool and Spa’s maintenance teams are efficient and reliable, keeping your pool sparkling like new. We are very proud of the weekly maintenance services we provide to homeowners in West Hills and Bell Canyon, always doing what we can to keep your pool running like new.

Our weekly maintenance services include:

• Checking and balancing the pool chemicals and shocking the pool if necessary
• Surface skimming and bottom debris removal
• Cleaning the skimmer baskets
• Brushing down all pool surfaces
• Filter cleanings
• Cleaning and inspecting the pool equipment

If you need help with your pool maintenance and upkeep, give us a call and we would be happy to go over our maintenance plans with you.


Pool & Spa Repair

The best parts make for the best repairs. That’s a fact that is hard to argue and we take our repairs seriously, only using the best pieces we can get our hands on to fix your pool equipment. All our repairs are made to be lasting solutions to your problem so that whatever the issue was will not keep coming back.

Our factory training from major pool equipment should give you the trust you need in the quality of our work. If there is something wrong with your pool system, Gold Coast Pool & Spa can diagnose and fix the issue. A few repairs we specialize in are:

• Pumps
• Motors
• Heaters
• Filters
• Pool Cleaners
• Automation Systems


Remodeling & Pool Upgrades

Tiling and other pool structures can wear down or become cracked as your pool ages and it is important to prevent that decay with a revamp of the pool area. Equipment can slow down and become inefficient over years of use so it is important to replace pieces with updated models.

If your pool is getting older or it is time for a fresh look, Gold Coast Pool & Spa can help you make it sparkle like new again. Keeping your equipment up to date will save you money over time by running more efficiently and improving the longevity of your pool.

Our most requested remodeling and upgrade requests include:

• Coping Replacement
• Plaster resurfacing
• Conversion to salt water systems
• Pebble tech resurfacing
• Full equipment installations

Give our qualified team of experts a call at:

Conejo, Simi, & San Fernando Valley: 818-857-0508

or send us a message using our online form.